sometimes its only when you lose everything,that your free to do anything

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humble abode

my humble abode is a story as told, with the love of my life to have and to hold. In his heart only warmth and…
hellokittykat16 Oct 04, 2011
You are not a beautiful and unique snowflake..pic
The Edge Of Glory-Lady GaGa. Better then Judas i think. What's your opinion???vid

The Edge Of Glory-Lady GaGa. Better then Judas i think. What's your opinion???

I'm in LOVE with this song!!!! Can't wait for her album to release.
hellokittykat16 May 09, 2011
Nicki Minaj- Super Bassvid

Nicki Minaj- Super Bass

Love this music video Nicki is the best! I am crazy in LOVE with her shoes at 1:16
hellokittykat16 May 09, 2011
An Inspiration. Nick Vujicicvid

An Inspiration. Nick Vujicic

If only everyone(yes including me) could have the EXACT same outlook on life as this guy. Think of how happy and peacefull the world would…
hellokittykat16 May 09, 2011

Balloon Fashionistas. Hot Or Not?! =D

Found these pics while insomnia kept me up all night once again. I gotta give maaaad props to the creator and the models. Not only…
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hellokittykat16 May 08, 2011
Lady Gaga is A Magical Angel in HEAVEN!vid

Lady Gaga is A Magical Angel in HEAVEN!

Saw this on MTV on a 30 min show about Gaga and her 10 wildest moments. They played this at the end and i freaking…
hellokittykat16 May 04, 2011

To Write Love on her Arms

She listens to her heart, but is her heart still beating? Is she just reading these lies while her skin keeps bleeding? Her pain, she…
hellokittykat16 Apr 11, 2011
Hello HelloKittyDreamHousepic

Hello HelloKittyDreamHouse

MY dream house! im absolutely green with envy. Whoever lives here is the luckiest princess in the world!!
hellokittykat16 Apr 11, 2011
UglyDoll Ice-Bat meet UglyDoll Kitty-Katpic
HelloKittyhuby on the phonepic
Who needs falsies when you hav eyeliner to draw your lashes tehepic
OMFG!!!!!! What's the world coming to?!?!?!pic

OMFG!!!!!! What's the world coming to?!?!?!

Just when you thought the 21st century couldn’t think of anymore screwed up ideas, they come up with the worst of all: the brain piercing…
hellokittykat16 Mar 20, 2011

Fav. Fashions

Self explanatory really. My kind of fashion ; ]
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hellokittykat16 Mar 10, 2011

Buy Me A Rainbow

Just browsing Color splash photos. thought id upload some fer everyone ta enjoy xD
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hellokittykat16 Mar 10, 2011

Harujuku Me

Me on Halloween
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hellokittykat16 Nov 29, 2010
These little piggies are cold az iceeepic

These little piggies are cold az iceee

Cool shoes. kinda out thuur and very confussed on how u would go outside with those on but hey. I bet GaGa could make it…

The love of my life

haha he looks sexy as always. but i most deff. cant say that about me haha lmao
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hellokittykat16 Aug 07, 2010
hellokittykat16 Dec 11, 2009
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About Me:

im MADLY in love with a boy. but not just any boy my boy nick. i love ta chill with th luvs and live it upp!!! raving and shows are kinda my thing xD im a pretty easy person ta get to know. kinda shy at first but get to know me and thats bound ta change =]] i want to be a model more than anything but i know that wont happen =[ but hey dare to dream yes?! i love surreal art and out-of-the-ordinary anything(like me haha jkjk) well i think thats all fer now huns


aaaand i think every tooth in my mouth is a sweet tooth, heya!, i love going to shows and screaming my brains out haha, i love my friends and meeting new people, im a nice person just get ta know me =], im not judgemental and i dont like being judged, wanna know more? hit me up!, the names Kat and im 17 years young biatches!

Favorite Music:

bob marley, cobra starship, crookers, deadmau5, dj bam bam, eyedea and abilities, fall out boy, forever the sickest kids, hollywood undead, infected mushroom, lady gaga, lmfao etc., marilyn manson, mindless self indulgence, motley crue, muse, nine inch nails, panic at the disco, porcelain and the tramps, rusko, sixx am, slipknot, the used, three days grace, david guetta, Taio Cruz, breath carolina, Lil Wayne

Favorite Movies:

etc., fear and loathing in las vegas, fight club, horror movies!!, the departed, the die hards, the south park movie

Favorite TV Shows:

ADULT SWIM!!, futurama etc., ninja warrior, scare tactics, south park, the jeff dunham show, the simpsons, tosh.o

Favorite Books:

any stephen king etcetera etcetera., diadem, salems lot, the vampire chronicles